luxury services

And sometimes, with some of our clients, there are no boundaries. Their vision for their home is out of the ordinary with a view that nothing is impossible… and we agree. Nothing is impossible. Due to our extensive experience in luxury house renovation, our construction services can make it work.

Entertainment and Games Rooms

Creating an enticing entertainment and games room for your company involves careful attention to interior design. The space should be thoughtfully planned to accommodate various activities, from casual recreation to team-building exercises. Comfortable seating arrangements, including sofas, bean bags, and ergonomic chairs, foster a relaxed and engaging atmosphere. A well-curated selection of games, both classic and contemporary, caters to diverse interests and promotes employee interaction. Incorporating high-quality audiovisual systems enhances the overall experience, allowing employees to immerse themselves in a world of entertainment. By focusing on these elements, your company can create a vibrant and inviting space that encourages creativity, collaboration, and employee well-being. 

Yoga Rooms

Designing a yoga studio for your company involves creating an environment that promotes tranquility, balance, and mindfulness. The interior design should be focused on creating a calm and peaceful atmosphere, with soft and natural color schemes, ample natural lighting, and minimalistic decor. Incorporate elements such as plants, soothing artwork, and tranquil sounds to enhance the sense of serenity. The layout should allow for ample open space for yoga mats and props, with designated areas for meditation and relaxation. Invest in high-quality flooring that provides cushioning and support, ensuring the comfort and safety of participants. By designing a yoga studio that nurtures a sense of peace and well-being, your company can provide employees with a dedicated space to rejuvenate their minds and bodies, promoting overall wellness and productivity. 

Wine Cellars

Creating an exquisite wine cellar for your company involves careful consideration of interior design elements that evoke sophistication and elegance. The design should focus on showcasing the wines while providing a comfortable and inviting ambiance for tastings and gatherings. Incorporate climate control systems to maintain optimal temperature and humidity levels, ensuring the proper aging and preservation of the wines. Choose materials such as rich wood, stone, and glass to create a luxurious and timeless aesthetic. Install proper lighting to highlight the wine bottles and create a warm, intimate atmosphere. Include seating areas and tasting counters to facilitate wine appreciation and social interactions. By designing a wine cellar that exudes refinement and charm, your company can provide a memorable experience for wine enthusiasts and clients, elevating your brand image and creating a space for special occasions and celebrations.