home extension

We have worked on several property extensions across London, where the extension not only added valuable floor space but dramatically changed the way the owners live. An extension opens up possibilities of creating and using space in ways you didn’t know were an option. Whether it’s a kitchen extension or a living room, home office or a games room, an extension, single storey or double can transform a home and the way you live.

side extension

Several homes have space between the side of their homes and the fence. Why not think about extending the house into this space? For many home owners this is the perfect opportunity to open up the kitchen, create a home gym a guest room or a room for ageing parents or even a home office with perhaps a separate entrance.

wrap around extension

As the name suggests, a wrap around extension is a side and back extension around the existing home. You are effectively changing the layout of the house in totality, allowing you to re configure and re plan how you use the area. You could open up the downstairs completely (this is currently what’s on trend in London), to give yourself an open plan kitchen-living space or create a games room or even a state of the art cinema room.

loft extension

Ideal for maximizing your home's potential, our team specializes in creating functional and aesthetically pleasing loft spaces tailored to your needs. From additional bedrooms to home offices, our loft extensions seamlessly integrate with your existing architecture, providing a cost-effective solution for expanding your living area.